Roadshow Boost!  creates bigger and more interested audiences by being the only automated text marketing platform designed to drive return customers back to your Costco Roadshows, Food Trucks, Farmer’s Markets, Trade Shows, and Special Events.  It’s the simple and affordable solution for staying connected with your customers via text messages based on their distance from each event location — so they only receive the notifications and reminders that matter to them.

Why text messaging?

People are 98% more likely to open text messages upon receipt, especially reminders they’ve requested. Such immediacy and immediate engagement enables you to create uniquely personalized reminders for your shoppers, dialing in the exact days, times, and messaging content based on what produces the best results for boosting return customer traffic to each of your event locations.

Right now, you’re probably selling your products or services at events happening on different dates, times, and locations.

This could be a few Farmer’s Markets in your city each week, Special Events all over your state from month to month, or Costco Roadshows across the country all year. If you’re a Food Truck company, this could even mean different locations throughout the day.

At each event location, you’ve built up a pretty loyal customer base who return to see you every time you’re back. AND that’s awesome! But you need even more to grow your business.

Text message marketing is a great way to do this! Using a branded name and number that’s easy to remember (i.e. “Text ‘BOOST’ to 55588”) or QR code scan using a smartphone camera (no app software needed), it’s a snap for customers (sync with smartphone scan of QR) to sign up for text message reminders. Now, through a quick, well-timed text message, you can let them know when you’re coming back to their location. You can even text them current promotions or specials to create even more incentive.

Roadshow Boost!  makes this uber easy! 

With a few simple clicks, just upload your events to the Roadshow Boost!  website platform, including start dates, end dates, and locations. Then:

  Write your personal reminder text message and select target recipients based on their distance from each event. The message setup even supports automated fields (i.e. event name, start/end day time) so that text messages are automatically personalized for each event.

  You’ll  the option of sending the message immediately or selecting the specific day and time (before, during, or after events) for delivery.

  You can even save your preferred customer targeting and automated timing of text delivery as preset profiles to automatically apply to future events.

And just like that, you’ll be up and running with an automated text marketing campaign to boost return customer traffic to your events. No tech savvy or design skills needed!