Roadshow Boost!

Increase Return Customer Traffic & Sales with Automated Text Marketing

Designed for Costco Roadshows, Food Trucks, Farmers Markets &  Special Events

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Send your customers text messages that matter. Roadshow Boost! is the most simple and affordable way to send automated text message reminders, updates, promotions, & follow-ups to your customers based on their distance from your event locations so they’ll only receive notifications they care about.

Turn one-time customers into loyal regulars

Here’s why RoadshowBoost! text message marketing works:

The Phone Connection

We’ve all developed personal relationships with our phones. For many, it’s the very first thing we reach for when we wake up. It’s how we connect and engage with friends and family. Once your brand is invited into this inner ‘text messaging’ circle (of course, you need permission to do so) you’ll gain an immediate, more personal way to have direct conversations with your customers.

Easy to Use

Roadshow Boost! provides the most simple way for you to connect with your customers…it doesn’t get much easier than sending a text. Through automated scheduling (based on event locations and dates) and customer personalization, you have the power to launch mobile marketing campaigns driving return customer traffic to your events in just minutes with zero tech savvy needed.

Conversations that Matter

Who wants their phone swamped with unwanted text messages, right? Relevant conversations lead to better customer relationships and higher sales conversions over time. Roadshow Boost! automates how your reminders, offers, and promotions are written specifically for the individual customer’s needs based on your event locations that are closest to them.

Unmatched Performance

When it comes to open rates and delivery, text messaging outperforms email, Facebook, and push notifications by leaps and bounds. With a >90% open rate and average response time of just 90 seconds (vs. 90 minutes for email), Roadshow Boost! text marketing can lead to higher customer engagement rates and marketing ROI than even the biggest digital marketing channels.

Cost Effective

Roadshow Boost! offers low monthly rates for brands still building their customer base, while offering scalability to support larger campaigns boosting hundreds of thousands of monthly text messages. And with specified geo-targeted messaging, you’re not limited to the cost of just mass texting. Pay to send only messages that matter to your customers!

The Result

You’ll have multi-location mobile business flexibility, while building the return customer consistency of a brick-and-mortar.

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How to Get Subscribers

Your customers already love your product and wanna know when you’ll be back in their neighborhood so they can get more. Roadshow Boost! makes it quick and easy for customers to join your list and stay in the know through a simple text message or QR code scan. We’ll even provide free marketing tools and tips to help you create a bigger, more interested audience.
Roadshow Boost!


User friendly online platform that requires no tech savvy to use. Launch text marketing campaigns for all of your events in minutes!

Geo-specified targeting automatically sends your customers personalized text messages based on their distance from upcoming event locations.

Automate text message deliveries based on minutes, hours, or days before or after scheduled event start or end times.

Send automated personalized responders based on customer messaging activities and responses.

Jump start your campaigns by loading built-in templates of proven text message marketing and messaging strategies. Save and automatically apply to future events!

Cloud-based platform means marketing campaigns can be managed from any tablet, laptop, or desktop with internet access. No software installs or updates needed.

SMS and MMS compatible with all mobile phone carriers in the United States.

Unlimited access to web knowledge base, video tutorials, and 24/7 top-tier customer support.


Roadshow Boost! is the most simple and affordable way to target return customers and drive them back to your…

Costco Roadshows

Food Trucks

Farmers Markets

Product Demo Events

Trade Shows

Touring Events



$ 95

per Month

1 Keyword

Unlimited subsrcibers

Up to 1,000 texts per month

$195 Setup Fee

$.045 per text message


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PROMost Popular

$ 145

per Month

3 Keywords

Unlimited subscribers

Up to 2,500 texts per month

$195 Setup Fee

$.040 per text message


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$ 225

per Month

5 Keywords

Unlimited subscribers

Up to 6,500 texts per month

$195 Setup Fee

$.035 per text message


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$ 295

per Month

10 Keywords

Unlimited subscribers

10,000+ texts per month

$195 No Setup Fee

$.030 per text message


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